Branches & Roots Aromatherapy Bangle Bracelet with Crystals

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  • Save $15.00

Surround yourself all day with the aroma of essential oils!

Do you ever feel stressed, suffer from anxiety or headaches?

Have you ever been out or at work and just needed to relax or feel calm?

Have to carry an essential oil in your bag or pocket?

Now you can leave your oils at home because with this unique aromatherapy bangle you can surround yourself all day with the aroma of your essential oil.

This locket has magnetic closing, is made of 316L Stainless Steel, with a high quality Czech crystals. Silver plated.

Each necklace comes with 5 colored pads that allow you to change daily the look of the locket. 

You just put a drop of essential oil on the pad, close the locket and all day you will be surrounded by an essential aroma.

Aromatherapy essential oils can help with many ailments and moods

Eucalyptus: Improves respiratory problems, colds, blocked noses,

Lavender: Relaxes and sooths, keeping you calm in stressful situations

Peppermint: Relieves headaches and fever

PLEASE NOTE: the necklace does not come with any oils, to order the oils CLICK HERE

Material: Stainless Steel and Czech crystals
Size: 25mm
Length: 20cm


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