Thank you for your interest in Aromanoma Wholesale Program!
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If you have any problems or questions regarding this form or qualification, please email our Wholesale Team: wholesale@aromanoma.com

Aromanoma is currently looking to set up distributors and retailers across the world for this great range of aromatherapy jewelry, diffuser, essential oils along with the oncoming range of aromatherapy products.

If you are a retailer either online or with a traditional shop and you would like to sell the range of products then please complete the form here and we will email you our information pack

If you wish to become a distributor then please complete the form here and we will send you our distributor information packs.

We look forward to contacting you and hope that we may work with you over the coming years

A person or company that sells the aromanoma products online, in a retail premises or via partyplan. The Retailer will purchase the product “in bulk” at a wholesale price and sell for a suggested Retail price.

A person or company that will hold stock and distribute the stock to retailers and persons within an agreed area.

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