About Us

Aromanoma – Peace Perfected

In the busy lifestyle of the new millennium we all need to find time for just a little peace. Aromanoma was founded after many travels through the wonderful continent of Asia, where millions of people busily work through their day, yet seemingly find peace at least once a day by using the traditional methods passed down by generations.

This almost automatic requirement for peace each day, be it through natural herbs, oils, meditation or arts, made our founders look at their western ways.

After trying aromatherapy and essential oils, along with meditation and diet we realized that the power of peace is easily carried with us from the East into our western lifestyles.

We are still learning about the traditions and the powers peace can bring, but we know that by have aromatherapy encircling you every minute of the day will give inner peace and hopefully from that you can find just a little peace everyday.

At Aromanoma, we are constantly looking to bring new and innovative products along with the traditional and known ideas.

Our main collection has been our stainless steel lockets, bracelets and car diffusers, that allow a dab of essential aroma to surround you daily.

You know when purchasing from Aromanoma you will be cared for and you will find an ongoing feeling of peace perfected.

If you need any help please contact us using the Live Chat or call us at +1 302 273 9311