The Secret Sexiest Essential Oils

People have been using essential oils for 6,000 years. They’re been used to bring harmony to the home and improve mood, as well as medical treatment, however it may be less well known that essential oils (and aromatherapy) can improve your love life. That’s right, everyone from the ancient Egyptians to the Romans and even modern day city dwellers have discovered that smell is one of the most erotic of our senses.

The reason that essential oils are no longer used in most perfumes is that they are simply too expensive to use in large industrial quantities. However, for those who purchase essential oils in smaller quantities they still represent excellent value and the natural scents are still amongst them most attractive in the world.

Essential oils can help in your quest for love by attracting the attention of the opposite sex, but perhaps even more importantly they can you feel confident that the aura that you present to the world is one of enormous confidence.

And it almost goes without saying that you’ll smell great as well. So, if you want to take advantage of the allure of essential oils used in aromatherapy then here are some great ideas for basic essential oils that can be combined to produce some of the most attractive natural scents in the world.

Jasmine is one of the most versatile essential oils and is also one of the most sensual. The heady scent of Jasmine has been part of the lover’s arsenal for thousands of years. However, take care to only use a little and test it on a small patch of skin first. Jasmine has been known to cause an allergic reaction for a very small number of people.  The way to use Jasmine is to dab a very small amount on the neck, inside of the elbow and the backs of the knees. It’s also a great to mix with some of the other oils mentioned here.

The smell of the tropics is what the heady scent of Ylang Ylang brings to the party. It’s hardly the most subtle of scents and should be used sparingly. In fact, one way to get the most out of it is to mix it with Aloe Vera. It’s a scent that will give even the most wilting of wallflowers the confidence to approach love like a seasoned pro. It also has a reputation as an aphrodisiac, so a drop or two on the pillow before bed will not do any harm.

Put the spice into your love life with Cinnamon. Bring the heat of the exotic to the bedroom and even to an ordinary dinner. The best bet is to avoid using it on the skin, but rather to use a drop or two in a diffuser, or even at the edge of the tablecloth – but be sparing – it’s a very powerful scent and can be overwhelming.

Lemon essential oil is also recommended to keep things light and fresh. A drop or two added to any of these essential oils with lift and amplify the scent and increase its attractiveness.

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